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WE NEED HELP! If you’d like to help us gather screenshots for missing items please “Contact Us“.
Coming soon… Check out the “Buildings List” and “Crops List” which are finished.

If we’re missing something that you’re looking for, comment below or try the forum where another nice village owner in the community can help you!


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  1. Louise says:

    I need to build a festive lantern but don’t seem to have one to build! Help please.

  2. impatientplayer says:

    I want to play, I want to help, and I’m busy. The problem is that this says coming soon and to me that means that I can not contribute to help move the site along. I am certain if I put up all statistics and info that I know Buildings Decorations and Items would actually exist on this site. Please get down the outlines and templates, and if you do not add the info that some don’t know believe me when I say the veterans will.

  3. dwynenich says:

    i have this task to build a big bridge but i could not place it on any open area. i keep getting this validation that i have to drag it to an open area which i attempted many times but to no avail. i always encountered the same problem when i tried to build the smaller bridge. how i can build a bridge?

    • Jecjec05 says:

      add me up on yur game center account here’s my username:jecjec05

      i do have built my big bridge,try to look at my village to see where can you place and build it..thank you

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