Moving Buildings/Objects

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Organizing and designing your village and moving things around where you want them is half the fun! Moving buildings and objects around after they’ve been placed the first time is quite simple.

1. When in your main village view, select the build button.

2. In the build window, select the move or redesign button.

3. Select a building or object to move.

4. Drag it to the desired location. (tip: You can also tap the green button to rotate it.)

5. Tap the blue check mark and you’re done! Start organizing and designing! :)

If we’re missing something that you’re looking for, comment below or try the forum where another nice village owner in the community can help you!


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  1. Smurfing says:

    Help! I moved a corner piece of a fence to the bottom of the screen (cliff, right side) and I can’t select it anymore! Is there any way to move it again. Can’t paint it or anything :(

    • Editor says:

      So if I’m understanding your problem right, your item is blocked by something on the screen such as a tab that won’t allow you to select it? If so then maybe you will be able to once you level up and more of the area is visible.

      • chrstn says:

        Hi there,

        I am having the same trouble — I moved a rock to the bottom edge of the screen, and now I cannot select it.

        I have leveled up several times already. I am able to scroll all the way to the beach on the left, and all the way to the cliff on the right.

        The problem is, my rock is located at the bottom of the screen — not left or right.

        Any suggestions on how I can get to it?

  2. Confused Smurf says:

    Does anyone else have a problem rotating the corner piece to the picket fence? Is there a secret to this? Other objects seem to rotate just fine. Thx fellow-smurfers!

  3. MillerDamien says:

    This is the exact info. i need, thanks dude.

  4. mickwhitton says:

    I moved an object down the bottom of the screen but managed to select it after numerous tries with the tip of my finger. Then press on open ground to move it as you might not be able to drag it.

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